The following are complete ion beam systems utilizing various Peabody Scientific components packaged into configurations to meet specific performance criteria.  These systems cover an energy range of 200 eV to 200 keV,  ion species from protons to complex molecular clusters,  currents from 100's of particles  per second to milliamperes,  focused and scanned beams,  dc to nanosecond pulses,  etc. 

These systems represent our capability to respond to individual requirements .  Detailed information on each is available by clicking on the links.

We welcome your inquiries about a system to meet your unique needs.

PS-133 Cesium Ion Gun System for SIMS

PS-100 Duoplasmaton SF5 System for SIMS

PS-120 Negative Cluster Ion Source for SIMS

PS-210 30 kV Duoplasmatron Ion Source System

PS-200 Dual Low Energy Ion Beam System  (.2 to 25 keV)

PS-220 200 kV Heavy Ion Accelerator

PS-250 .2-50 kV Solar Wind Simulator

PS-PIBS Nanosecond Pulsed Low Energy Ion Beam System for Time of Flight Surface Analysis

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