System Description and Operation

Model PS-100HI Duoplasmatron for SF5+ Ions- This special version of the Duoplasmatron is designed specifically to operate stably with many active and passive feed gases. The source is a three element arc discharge device with extremely high ionization efficiency (>90%). A low pressure discharge is electrically and magnetically constricted by an electrode between the filament and the anode. Electrons are emitted by the filament and spiral along magnetic field lines that are established between the intermediate electrode and anode by the adjustable source magnet.
The use of a hot filament minimizes the contamination and erosion of the filament by corrosive gases. Typical filament lifetimes when using gases such as SF6 are 100 to 200 hours.
Various gases such as SF6 can be fed into the source in a region separated from the arc discharge volume. These gases are ionized by the arc discharge through electron and ion bombardment but do not adversely effect the critical elements of the source such as the filament and intermediate electrode. The result is a highly stable SF5 beam with associated long lifetimes.
The Model PS-100 SF5 unit can be provided with an Extraction Gap that utilizes the "accel/decel" operating mode to provide for low energy operation, an electrostatic, low aberration Einzel lens for beam focusing and a vacuum pumping port in the system housing for high vacuum pumping of the source gas.
The exit flange of the system is custom designed to mate directly to the
purchaser's system entrance flange.
Model PS-l00PS Power Supply Console- This self-standing unit contains all the power supplies, controls and read-outs to operate, adjust and monitor the source system. The power supplies include: Arc, Source Magnet, Filament, Beam Energy, Einzel Lens. Control rods and meters are mounted on the console to set and read out the source parameters. The console is connected to the Duoplasmatron through 12 foot long flexible cables.
Model PS-100CL Closed Loop Cooling System- This is a self-contained, closed loop deionized water cooling system that maintains the source at the proper operating temperature. It has a water/water heat exchanger which requires the hook up of the primary loop to the Purchaser's plant cooling system. The deionized water is constantly passed through a demineralizer bead bath resulting in continuous high resistivity coolant.

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