30 kV Duoplasmatron Ion Source System




The Peabody Scientific Model 210 Duoplasmatron Ion Source system                          includes a Model 100 Duoplasmatron ion source head, Model 300 Extraction gap, Model 370 Einzel lens, and Model 400 Power supply package. A Model 550 Cooling system is also available. This system produces intense levels of  positive and negative ions in a well focused beam.

The components are designed for long life and high reliability by using liquid cooling and optical shielding of the various components. The components are self-aligning resulting in easy, accurate assembly and can be operated either horizontally of vertically.
Ion beam energy can be varied over a wide dynamic range from 1 keV to 30 keV. Energy spreads are typically less than 20 eV. These characteristics make the system 210 suitable for use in many applications including nuclear and atomic research, space simulation, materials modification and analysis, etc.

Ions produced in the arc discharge Model 100 Duoplasmatron ion source are extracted from the source anode aperture by the Model 300 Extraction Gap and then focused to the desired position by the Model 370 Einzel Lens. The variable focus lens provides a wide range of beam options as illustrated in the OPTICS DIAGRAM. By varying the extraction voltage, the final beam energy can be adjusted over a range of 1 to 30 keV. The source produces both positive and negative ions. Therefore, by proper choice of polarity of the extraction power                 supply, beam of positive or negative ions can be obtained.

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